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Onze Wereld

Restaurant Onze Wereld

5.2 (86 recensies)

Spoordonkseweg 99, Oirschot

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Bel restaurant: +31 499 571 219


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  • 5.2 (86 recensies)

Dekker71 (16-07-2013)

Yesterday we went there, the owner is on holiday, so the chef is in charge of everything during the period. He is very rude and impolite. My friend took a photo and he jumped to her said: if you dare to take another one, I will throw you out of the restaurant. In the restaurant there is nowhere mentioned forbidden to make photos. Even there was a one, if guest doesn't see it , you can mention in a friendly way to point out. When I told him, he said: I don't care what you think. Because of THE CHEF's horrible and disgusting attitude, that brings the rest part of the restaurant with no value.

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